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Tips Everything that an SEO specialist needs. Tool overview


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Jun 3, 2019
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Each specialist has his own tools for solving professional problems. Sometimes it is the whole sets checked by time. Search engine optimization and promotion is a technically complex, specific process. It can not be made “on the knee” - we need powerful and reliable programs. They solve two conflicting tasks - on the one hand, they take on the routine work, on the other hand, they process huge amounts of data. We offer you a selection of tools that use Uplab SEO specialists.

Work organization

Jira dashboards- project management system that allows you to work on Agile. The system has a scrum board, thanks to which you can easily see the stages of performing tasks. The main advantage is flexibility and customizability. Workflow is presented as a set of tasks that can be managed together or separately. Each task is a separate item whose parameters can be configured.

To create a semantic core

Yandex.Wordstat- The online service from Yandex collects data on the frequency of user requests for specific requests. Anyone can use the data. Each keyword has its own statistics - you can find out the frequency of the request, seasonality, popularity in a particular region. The service also offers requests on similar topics. Yandex.WordStat is a basic tool for collecting semantic core. Many programs and online services work on its basis.

Google Keyword Planner Tool - Google's keyword management tool. Allows you to select, group and analyze keywords from search engine statistics.

  • Search for new keywords.
  • Analysis and recommendations - the system offers a report with tips for improving the advertising campaign.
  • Expansion of the semantic core based on the existing list of queries.
Key Collector is a powerful program for collecting semantic core.
  • Collects key phrases and tips.
  • Determines the value and cost of requests.
  • Defines the relevant pages.
  • Gives recommendations for relink.
  • Removes positions in search results.
  • Determines the competitiveness and seasonality of requests.
Advantages: 70 parameters for evaluating search queries, 4 options for working with Wordstat, you can integrate with reference brokers.

Rush Analytics is a service for collecting and clustering semantic cores. Allows you to create a competent site structure that meets the requirements of search engines.

  • Key collection from Vordstat.
  • Determination of their frequency.
  • Collect tips.
  • Automatic grouping by clusters.
  • Verification of positions on requests.
  • Check indexing site.
  • Text analysis.
The service allows you to create competent technical tasks for copywriters.

Analytics Systems

Yandex.Metrica collects information about the site’s audience (age, geography, devices), and also allows you to evaluate conversions and user behavior.

What the counter provides:
  • Traffic sources
  • Attendance: visits, visits, returns to the site.
  • User behavior: clicks, routes, target actions.
  • Information about users: geography, demography, devices.
  • The popularity of certain pages, page entry and exit.
  • Map of user paths - you can visually assess how they move through your site.
Unique features:
  • Webvisor - records the actions of some users on the site.
  • A map of clicks and a map of links will show which elements on the site the user most often interacts with.
  • Integration with Yandex.Direct and J.Market.
  • Form analysis - allows you to evaluate the convenience of forms on the site.
Google Analytics is Google's analytics system. Differs in some complexity of setup, but at the same time wide functionality.

  • Allows you to assess the quality of mobile traffic.
  • Analyze site conversion.
  • Rate traffic channels: advertising, media, social, search.
  • Generates reports in real time.
  • Analyzes the work of the resource and its effectiveness: download speed, routes of users.
The main advantage is the flexible and fine-tuning of analytics, but it requires experience and skills.

Competitor Analysis

SEMrush is a service for analyzing competitors by the following criteria: SEO, paid traffic, social networks, content and PR events.

Specialists available:
  • Analysis and evaluation of backlinks.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Monitoring positions on requests.
  • Collect a list of requests.
  • Audit technical optimization.
  • Recommendations for increasing organic traffic.
The main purpose of the service is competitor analysis. You can find out:
  • Advertising campaign budgets.
  • Requests that your competitors promote in Google AdWords.
  • The cost per click, the amount of traffic and the text of the ad competitor.
  • Site attendance and position for specific keywords.
SEMrush allows you to find subwoofers - in the database of about 95 million words. You can compare multiple sites for specific parameters.

Ahrefs is a service for analyzing external site optimization. Although it is commercial, a number of features are available for free.
  • Countries and domain zones that most often link to your site.
  • Search backlinks by posting time.
  • List of the most often referring domains.
  • Data on the links to the subdomains.
  • Site pages that are most often referred to.
  • Export and view anchor list.
  • Search for sources and count the number of backlinks to the site.
Fast Trust is a service that collects about 30 site parameters from various sources. The most important are the trust and spamming of the site, which are rated on a 100 point scale. It also assesses attendance, statistics from Alexa, SeoMoz, MajesticSEO, availability in directories, statistics and PR, social activity and data on links from the Solomono service.

The main application is an express analysis of donor sites, which allows to save time significantly. Then selected sites can be assessed visually. There is a filtering system that allows you to create samples by specific parameters, sort and group the results.

The program allows you to download the entire list of backlinks and check their quality. Then you can use the Disallow Links tool.

To analyze the optimization of

Google Page Speed Insights - a service for a quick test of different versions of site pages. Analyzes the download speed, optimization of the technical part, makes recommendations on how to improve the results. Separately evaluates versions for computers and mobile devices.

Gtmetrix is one of the popular tools for measuring site download speeds.

  • The speed of loading the page and its individual elements.
  • Load time.
  • The size of the pages.
  • Evaluates cascading traffic.
  • Measures the number of HTTP requests.
Netpeak Spider - a program for rapid comprehensive audit of the site.

Main functions:
  • It determines about 60 errors of internal optimization.
  • Checks 50 SEO parameters.
  • Analyzes outgoing and incoming internal links.
  • Finds duplicate pages, meta tags, headers.
  • Checks for broken links and redirects.
  • Calculates the internal weight of the page.
The main advantage is a flexible scanning setup that takes into account robots.txt, Meta Robots, X-Robots-Tag, Canonical. Provides export to Excel.

Xenu's Link Sleuth is a service that allows you to find broken links, missing meta tags and checks other parameters that affect the optimization.
  • Finds images with unfilled Alt tags.
  • Conducts internal linking audit.
  • Searches for pages with too many outgoing links.
  • Shows pages with too much nesting and response time.
  • Find duplicate page headers in meta descriptions.
  • Generates a sitemap in XML format for static pages.
The main task of the program is to search for broken links among frames, scripts, styles and images, check HTML and PHP links.

Complex tools

Coolakov tools - a free query clustering tool for creating a semantic core. Splits requests into groups. Based on the similarity of requests from the TOP 10 Yandex determines which requests need to be promoted on one page, and for which it is better to select a separate page.

Arsenkin tools - a tool for the selection of LSI-phrases. Allows you to find additional words that are worth using for the full disclosure of the topic. In addition, it offers a range of additional tools.

  • Check for duplicate snippets.
  • Check for re-optimization and affiliation filters.
  • Defines a downgrade of the site due to the action of the Minusinsk algorithm from Yandex, which determines sites that use the purchase of seo-links to promote the site.
  • Parsing tips from issuing "Yandex".
  • Downloading sites from the first page of "Yandex".
  • Visual HTML editor.
  • Parsing competitor headers from issue.
  • Lemmatization of the text.
SE Ranking is a platform for full audit and site analysis. A must have for business owners, agencies, marketers and SEO professionals.

Key features:
  • Monitoring - allows you to track any changes on your site and competitors' sites.
  • Search Engine Optimization Audit - shows how optimized the page is under the key request.
  • Search queries - the service promises more than 3 billion words and tips
  • Creating a marketing plan - you can set user goals, analyze the site, use the checklist for SEO.
  • Clustering - allows you to professionally group search queries.
  • Tools for SMM - auto posting and analysis of key indicators in social networks.
One of the "chips" is a report designer, which greatly simplifies the work of specialists on a large number of projects.

Webmasta - In addition to common services for analyzing and auditing the site, Webmasta has in its arsenal a number of unique tools. For example, generators - they greatly simplify the work. There are generators of meta tags, keywords from the site and from text, HTML links, links for exchanges, robots.txt file. Webmasta also allows you to analyze behavioral factors, external and internal links, site redirects, view server headers.

PR.CY is a large collection of various tools for checking and analyzing websites. The service is intended not only for SEO-specialists. Useful features here will find copywriters, marketers, webmasters, site and server administrators.

For an SEO specialist, here is the following set of tools:
  • Analysis of sites by main indicators.
  • Content analysis and verification at the level of optimization.
  • Zipf analysis - allows you to determine the naturalness of the text.
  • Audit links - internal and external.
  • See the site through the eyes of a search robot.
  • Position Check
  • Check the download speed of the site and others.
The service allows you to automatically monitor your site and competitor sites. This allows you to track changes and quickly adapt to them.

"Pixel Tuls" - a set of tools for a comprehensive analysis of the site. Most of them are free. The service allows you to evaluate the site optimization (internal and technical), conduct an audit and analytics, assemble a semantic core and positions, check the site for various filters.

  • Check filters: for re-optimization, for affiliates, a comprehensive check.
  • Work with the semantic core: search tips, data from Yandex.Wordstat, list of requests from Yandex.Webmaster.
  • Query analysis: commercialization, lemmatization, localization and geo-dependency, grouping queries by TOP, evaluation of the intensity, search and removal of duplicates.
  • Analysis of external optimization: nepot filter, reference weight, social signals.
  • Checking the technical part: XML sitemap and server responses, size and speed of loading documents, search for mirrors and subdomains.
  • Internal optimization tools: preparation of technical specifications for copywriters, text uniqueness checking, semantic analysis, optimization quality assessment, site structure analysis, SEO tags for URLs, visual HTML editor.
Pros: many tools in one, cloud service - works everywhere, does not ask for captcha and XML limits, there is a set of free tools, there are built-in checklists.


The article lists the services that can be useful for an SEO specialist of any level. Some of them overlap, and some complex cover almost the entire range of needs. You can pick up your “toolbox” only in the process of work - test different services and determine what suits you best. The industry is constantly evolving - the set will be updated.