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Why Online Reputations is Everything For Business


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Jun 3, 2019
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t’s straight forward for someone to judge you and your company by what they find on Google. The Digital Revolution explains the transformation from electronic, mechanical, and analog (technology) to digital technology.

Online reputation management (ORM) consists of observation, maintenance, and improvement of publicly available information created by numerous resources in the online/Internet world.

When someone wants to decide whether they should hire a person, work with someone new, the first thing they’ll do is go online and use the information they find there to make a judgment call about what that individual is like.

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. By simply searching for you on the internet, they can come up with different feelings about your company and what you offer, good or bad.

For some people, handling an online reputation might be a simple as investing in social media tools and working on building industry authority. However, for individuals who rely on their brand – like politicians and authority speakers, the best way to invest in online reputation management is with a PR company that specializes in reputation maintenance.

ORM has two parts:

  1. Proactive Online Reputation Management (PORM)
  2. Reactive Online Reputation Management (RORM).
Proactive Online reputation management (ORM) is useful for businesses in terms of unseen future scenarios where brand equity could be at stake.

Reactive Online Reputation Management (RORM) is useful for businesses when harm is done, and now its time to rebuild the trust and reliability again.

It isn’t just significant politicians and celebrities that need to protect their image online. Even the average job-seeker could miss that their chance at a critical career opportunity because of one bad review posted five years ago.